TV Dinners From Scraps

I love the Bento type boxes with the 3 different sections because they truly are a real money saver.

Now I know you have probably seen people post pictures of an afternoon spent in the kitchen making up a week’s worth of lunches that they appear to bring to work each day that week.  And you know, I’m really happy it works for them, but I can’t imagine myself eating rice, chicken and veggie for 5 days in a row.  I just really enjoy variety which is why in our house, leftovers in the fridge rarely get eaten.  If they do it is because I have created a new dish from the leftovers rather than a repeat of the meal before.

There are also plenty of posts about someone spending the day making various TV dinner style meals for the freezer for days when you don’t have time to cook, or you are eating alone, and those are great as well and something I do on occasion.

What I have done frequently of late though is making TV dinners from what I consider scraps.  Previously if all I had left from dinner was a little bit of mashed potatoes, I would just throw them away, but not any more!  What I will do is grab one of the 3 section freezer containers and fill up a couple of them with the leftover potatoes and pop them in the freezer.  Then, when I have a bit of left over meat I will add it to the containers with just potatoes and a bit of gravy.  At that point, if I don’t have leftover vegetables, I will just throw on some frozen corn that only takes 5 minutes of my time and add the vegetable and I now have complete TV dinners made from scraps I would have normally thrown out.

In the past 6 months I have probably made 50 TV dinners at least completely from scraps from meals made over several days all of which would have been tossed in the garbage.

When we want to eat one, it’s as simple as popping off the top, covering it with an ordinary microwave lid (the ones with the perforations to let steam escape) heat it up and dinner is served.  These containers are freezer, microwave and top rack dishwasher safe so super easy to use and very little clean up since you can eat out of the container if you want to.

Saving money this way is very easy and over time the savings can really add up.  If you find little ways like this to save money every month you will start to notice it.  The trick though is that if your grocery budget every month is less, take that money and put it towards something that matters no matter how little. So if you can spend $50 less a month on groceries, take it and make an extra payment on a debt to pay it off sooner, or save for a vacation or whatever.  You need to first find savings, and then do something constructive with them other than flitter it away. Financial stability makes life a whole lot easier!

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Watch my video to see what I mean!