Perogy Day

Yeah I know not everyone spells it that way


One of the ways I earn money is making and selling perogies.  I sell them hot & ready to eat and they are pretty popular in my city.  I have however taken a bit of a break from them and don’t make them as often, because I just ran out of steam.  My daughter and I were putting in a huge amount of hours every week and the number of people that ordered but never showed just got out of control.  Then if you contacted them and told them that you had made their order and were waiting for them to pick up, I was often met with hostility.  I attribute it to the Internet actually.  People think of themselves as anonymous and will often lash out at others because there isn’t that “face to face” interaction and no consequences.  Often times the person would say things like “Sorry, but I have a life you know and I got busy, I will order some next week when I have more time” and when I would reply that if someone doesn’t show we won’t fill an order for them in future they would get verbally abusive, call me rude, say I had the worst customer service in the world, would tell everyone they knew never to buy from me.  It amazed me how them not showing up was suddenly my fault and expecting them to show up was rude and not willing to let them order from me again was poor customer service.

So anyways, it got to be too much and I took a break for a couple of weeks which turned into a few months (although I continued to make them for one customer who had ordered from me numerous dozen every week for years).

Well, finances being the way they are, I will be doing them again, although very small amounts of them, at a higher price and only to select individuals.  Although I really need the money, sometimes you need to step back and rethink things because quality of life matters.

So as for my perogies, they are easy to make, however they are time consuming and there are a few tricks to making them.  First is the filling, it has to be rich and melt in your mouth.  The dough, has to be extremely thin, otherwise it can be a bit chewy.  As a customer always tells me, my pergoies are like little pillows that melt in your mouth.

I use a Wilton round cutter, and the rubber top has made an incredible difference. It really does make cutting out the dough easier because you can put pressure on it and not hurt the palm of your hand.  You should also cut them out on a silicone mat.  Using a cutter on a hard surface just doesn’t work at well as cutting on a mat.  Lastly, I always use a scoop to make sure that each one is not only the exact size, but has the same amount of filling.

If you are interested in purchasing the products I have the links to the ones I use below.  I also have a short video of us making them as well.

You can purchase the Wilton Cookie Cutter for perfectly sized perogies here:

The Oxo Good Grips Medium Cookie scoop can be purchased here:

The Norpro Silicone Mat I use can be purchased here:


Dog Cookies For Charlie

Santa can’t forget Pugadorable Charlie


I am doing everything I can to make this Christmas a better one, to celebrate the season given my limited means.

We have a rescue dog, a Pugadore called Charlie and he is Pugadorable as we like to say.  I always say that we didn’t rescue Charlie, he rescued us.  He has brought so much love and laughter into our lives.  He has breathed new life into us, and perhaps given me a reason to try again.  I guess what they say about giving is right, you always get far more back than you give.

So this Christmas marks the one year anniversary of us officially adopting Charlie.  Since it is not only Christmas, but a celebration of his adoption we wanted to do something special for him.  Cookies seemed to be a good idea since we could make him healthy cookies without preservatives and they wouldn’t cost us much as we already had everything on hand.

We had all these cute mini cookie cutters for dog biscuits and my daughter and I had a lot of fun using them.  Since they aren’t too big, they work for all sizes of dogs. We let Charlie test them and he liked them, however, I tasted them and I was a little less impressed.  They were ok, well, they were sort of tasteless, but then again, I’m not a dog.  The dough though was a fantastic one, so easy to roll out and you could reuse the scraps over and over again, so I think I will make them again, only next time I think I will cut down on the pumpkin a bit and substitute it with more peanut butter to give him more flavor.   If you want to purchase the dog cookie cutters, you can purchase them here:

Helpful Hint:  In order to fit them into the container again easily just snap a picture of how they fit in and refer to it later 🙂

If you want to try out the recipe click here:

Update:  12/27/2016:  I would not recommend these cookies.  Charlie really doesn’t like them, they ended up staying “spongey” and ended up going moldy very quickly even though they were stored in an airtight tin.  Dog cookies should be crunchy and not mold within a few days.  I will continue to look for other recipes and let you know when I find one that lives up to my expectations, and Charlies’s.


And So It Begins….

Some of us are just starting out, some of us are just starting again.  We may not have the finest home or the funds to do much of anything.  Yet, we all deserve a magical life full of fun and adventure.

I don’t have the answers, but this blog will be about my quest to finding my way to a happier life given the means that I have.  A quest for a better life, a more adventurous life, a life that makes me feel fulfilled.

I am one of the ones starting again and I have gone from having it all, to having nothing at all.  I have limitations, but hey, if I can do it, you can too.  My idea is that I can’t exactly write a blog about nothing, so I will have to push myself forward each day for the blog, and hopefully it makes my life a bit better in the process.

What can you expect from this blog?  Well just about anything, from recipes, to tips on saving money, to things I have learned along my journey.  I will share any adventures I have, and, along with my youtube channel, give you insight into my journey of a new, better me.  I hope that you learn something form me, that will help you along your own personal journey.

So let the adventure begin….