Valentine’s Day – Thinking of Others


I know all too well the struggles some couples experience just making ends meet. When days like Valentine’s Day comes around I am sure there is some stress when you can’t afford to buy anything for your Significant Other.  Social Media certainly doesn’t help when people of means show off all the amazing things they get or give, and you stay silent because you don’t want to announce “Hey, we are broke, I didn’t get anything”

Companies often send me things that I do not use, so I thought I would put this little jewelry set up I received on a local Pay It Forward group.  I specifically said it was meant for someone unable to purchase a gift for their female Significant Other.  I even went on to say not to say you were interested if you could afford a gift as it would lesson the chances of someone truly in need of winning.

Well I have to say that the although I was not surprised, I was disappointed by the amount of greed people show and how little compassion some people have.  About 98% of the people asking to be considered were female, and while it is open to gay females to give to their partners, these woman were not gay, their profiles were full of pictures of their husbands and boyfriends.  There was also the “interested for my daughter, interested for my mother-in-law” etc.  Not only that, when you checked their profiles they looked nothing like people in need with professionally landscaped homes, new cars in the driveway etc.  I ended up disgusted because this is an inexpensive set that most of these people could buy easily.

I would never dream of asking for an item meant for someone in need, yet people today simply don’t care.  They see something for free and they don’t care if they need it, want it or could use it, they will take it if they can get it, for the thrill of it I guess.  Which is ok, if it is just a giveaway open to everyone, but not ok if it is meant to help someone in a tight spot.  It’s pretty sad, but I guess the only way to change things is to continue to be generous, but be selective in who we are generous to.  Then hopefully the people that were shown kindness will in turn look for opportunities to help others in need and just totally ignore all the selfish people out there.




Author: Dee

I'm a shopoholic that works from home giving me plenty of time to do what I love....reviewing

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